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Colonic Hydrotherapy Session

The introduction of temperature regulated filtered water into the lower digestive tract. This aids in the cleansing of toxins and decreases the rate of reabsorption.
1 Session · $85

Colonic and Ultraderm Session

When used in corJjunction with a colonic hydrotherapy session, Ultraderm Therapy utilizes energetic light pulses to trigger
the release of toxins accumulated in the lymphatic system.
This process assists with lymphatic drainage and encourages parasitic removal from lower digestive tract
1 Session · $150


Light to medium pressure with long flowing movements over the full body, which increases circulation and reduces muscular tension.
25 min · $45
50 min · $65
80 min · $95


Enhance your massage session with pharmaceutical grade essential oils to improve circulation, diminish toxins and encourage greater mind and body relaxation.
Add to any massage · $15


A combination of relaxation and deep tissue techniques.
This will decrease muscular tension and encourage greater relaxation.
25 min · $50
50 min · $75
80 min · $120

Stone Massage

Utilizes massage techniques with smooth, heated stones encouraging the release of accumulated toxins, expanding blood vessels and increasing circulation.
50 min · $75
80 min · $95


3 – 50 minute Swedish massages · $180
3 – 50 minute Signature massages · $ 210
3 – 80 minute Swedish massages · $265
3 – 80 minute Signature massages · $340
12 – Bemer Sessions · $200


The BEMER session stimulates microcirculation (blood flow to the smallest blood vessels)which increases the benefits of the detoxification process. This also supports the body’s own self-healing and regeneration on a microscopic level.
1 Session · $20

Ionic Detox Foot Bath

A warm foot soak in ionized water. The ionic pulses are pulled through the feet and transported by the circulatory and lymphatic systems, neutralizing toxins in the body.
1 Session · $50

Kinesio Taping

This treatment directs lymph away from affected areas, stabilizes joints, improves blood flow, and reduces muscle spasms.
1 Session · $40